Treatment kits

Anti-Ageing Skin Renewal Treatment Kit

Anti-Ageing Treatment Kit is suitable for all skins showing the first signs of ageing. Uses key ingredients for skin rejuvenation and collagen restoration.

Clear Skin Treatment Kit

Suitable for oily, acne prone, blemished skins using key ingredients for deep pore cleansing and clearing properties.

De-Pigmentation Treatment Kit

Suitable for the treatment of discoloured or pigmented skins using key lightening ingredients to even up areas of concern, patchy skin tones and to reduce excessive pigmentation.

* Product images are indicative and may not represent the actual product size.

Rosacea & Sensitive Skins Treatment Kit

Rosacea & Sensitive Skins Treatment Kit is suitable for sensitive flushed skins needing a soothing treatment to reduce and maintain areas of dry, flushed skin as well as rosacea skin conditions.

Skin Glow Maintenance Kit

Suitable for all skin types. Improves overall appearance of skin.