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Essential Cleansing Bar (Glucana)

A gentle cleanser that helps eliminate impurities and makeup for all skin types.


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Essential Cleansing Bar (Glucana)

The Essential Cleansing Bar is very mild yet highly effective in deep cleansing. It has the skin’s pH balanced formula which contains no alkalinity so it is suitable for all skin conditions and skin types.

The ingredients utilise the skin’s own immune mechanism as leverage in such extensive cleansing. It affects the health of the skin by greatly improving the communication links between the immune cells. The Beta Glucosamine ingredient quickly occupies the space vacated by the dead skin cells or impurities. This phenomenon takes place across the entire depth of the skin. This bar also removes makeup effectively and men can use it as a shaving creme to prevent shaving rashes.

The Essential Cleansing Bar is a gentle cleanser that helps eliminate impurities and makeup for all skin types.

PREVIOUSLY: Glucana Cleansing Bar

Treatment Line:


Skin Concerns:

Acne, breakouts & blackheads
Dilated capillaries
Dull, dry or dehydratation
Fine lines & wrinkles
First signs of ageing
Loss of firmness or elasticity
Pigmentation, age spots or uneven skin tone
Sensitivity & redness



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